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ICO Promises to Perform on the International Stage

David Smith

Last month I commented on the Information Commissioner’s new Information Rights Strategic Plan which promised that there was more to come, not least an International Strategy for the ICO. Now that this International Strategy has been published it doesn’t disappoint. I must though confess to a certain amount of self interest here. When I was Read More

The intersection of US litigation and EU data privacy laws

Laura Hall

Companies with operations in the EU are increasingly finding that the broad scope of discovery in litigation in the United States is in conflict with their obligations under laws implementing the EU Data Privacy Directive. Most US courts, when considering whether production of documents in violation of foreign data privacy law should be compelled, have Read More

The ICO’s New Strategic Plan – A Change Of Course Or Steady As She Goes?

David Smith

You may have seen that on 25 May, with exactly one year to go until the GDPR takes effect, the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, published her office’s Information Rights Strategic Plan for 2017- 2021. This might not be headline grabbing stuff but it’s important nevertheless as it sets out how the ICO will be approaching Read More

GDPR: Are we losing sight of today’s risks as we all look to the future?

David Smith

This week all eyes are on the future. There’s just one year to go until the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 and we have the promise, in the Conservative Party’s manifesto, that here in the UK we will be getting a new data protection law that is Read More

Smart contracts for finance parties

Conor O'Hanlon

WHAT IS A SMART CONTRACT? “Smart contracts are neither particularly smart nor are they strictly speaking, contracts.” – A smart contract is a set of promises, agreed between parties and encoded in software, which, when criteria are met, are performed automatically. The concept of a smart contract is used to cover a spectrum of scenarios Read More

The Netherlands: Obligation to notify serious cybersecurity incidents might expose banks to new risks

Peter Eijsvoogel

A draft Dutch law will, once adopted, require mandatory notification of security breaches or loss of integrity of ICT systems that may have a significant impact on the availability or integrity of certain vital products or services (the Bill). The Bill will affect the financial services sector. The new law is expected to take effect Read More