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Cyber and data breaches: the questions that always arise

Lawson Caisley

When a company is the victim of a cyber attack or data breach, a number of crucial questions will have to be answered immediately.  These include: Must we involve the police? Do we need to pursue urgent civil remedies for real protection? Can/should we pay a ransom? When do we report to regulators? When do Read More

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Rules of the game? Digital political campaigning for the 2019 UK general election

Maeve Hanna

Online campaigning played a pivotal role in the 2016 Brexit referendum and the 2017 UK general election and is set to do the same ahead of voters taking to the polls on 12 December 2019. In anticipation of the election, parties have been busy building their war chests, with the Conservatives raising more than £5 Read More

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Facing Fines—The Mechanics of Facebook’s Reportedly Forthcoming FTC Settlement

Kyle Coogan

On April 24, 2019, Facebook announced to investors that it expects to set aside an amount between $3 billion and $5 billion in relation to the investigation by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding Cambridge Analytica prior to any final judgment on the matter.  In mid-July, it was reported that the FTC voted Read More

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ICO Brings Some Welcome Clarification to the GDPR’s International Transfer Rules

David Smith

One of the challenges thrown up by the GDPR is understanding the interrelation between the extra-territorial scope provisions in Article 3 and the restrictions on international transfer in Chapter V. How, for example, do the international transfer restrictions apply, if they apply at all, to a data controller that has no presence in the EU Read More

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ICO investigation into the Royal Free’s use of patient data used as an opportunity to educate

Charlotte Mullarkey

In a case which has wide implications for the health care sector, the ICO has ruled that the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust failed to comply with the UK Data Protection Act when it provided personal data of about 1.6 million patients to Google DeepMind. The personal data was provided as part of a trial Read More

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Allen & Overy updates UK data protection App “Access Assist”

Nigel Parker

Whilst most data privacy specialists are understandably focused on moving towards compliance with the GDPR, it is important not to lose sight of existing challenges. One particular challenge among them, for many, is dealing with data subject access requests. These requests are a perennial problem for many businesses, often made by disgruntled employees or customers Read More

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