Cyber and Information security

Cyber threats – the crest of the wave?

Charlotte Mullarkey

Once again we learn of a vast data breach – this time relating to Yahoo user details. This is perhaps the biggest breach yet discovered. And “discovered” is the worrying factor. What else is out there? The Yahoo breach appears to have occurred several years ago – in 2014 – and was only revealed by Read More

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Bitfinex: could greater regulation have prevented its hack?

Conor O'Hanlon

Introduction “In response to these constructive discussions with the CFTC’s Division of Enforcement, BFXNA has made significant changes to the way in which U.S. customers engage in financed trading on Bitfinex.” – Bitfinex Announcement, June 2, 2016[1] In their engagement to date with the emerging cryptocurrency sector, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the Read More

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Cyber surveillance technology looks likely to become subject to EU export controls

Elva Cullen

It seems that the European Commission intends to propose stricter rules on the export of dual-use technology. If its proposed amendments to the “Regulation for the control of exports, transfer, brokering and transit of dual use items” (which were recently leaked) are implemented, dual-use technology will face stricter licensing and trade controls. The controls around Read More

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Singapore: The PDPA has “teeth” – First Fines for Data Protection Breaches Imposed in Singapore

Yeoh Lian Chuan

The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) announced on 21 April 2016 that it had taken action against 11 organisations for breaching their obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The penalties imposed ranged from warnings to fines, with the highest fine—$50,000—imposed on K Box Entertainment Group Pte Ltd. This development is significant as: (a)     Read More

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Cybersecurity and risk management

Mark Ridgway

The topic of cybersecurity is seldom out of the press these days, occupying the minds of business leaders and politicians alike. From a business perspective, the ideal outcome would be to eliminate cybersecurity risks entirely. However, two things are clear. First, there is no panacea for the diverse and ever-evolving range of threats that exists. Read More

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Article 29 reserves position on EU-U.S. Privacy Shield; uncertainty for companies remains

Jane Finlayson-Brown

Following the European Commission’s announcement on 2 February 2016 that agreement had been reached with the U.S. government on a new EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, the Article 29 Working Party (the A29 WP) held a press conference on 3 February confirming that whilst they see the agreement between negotiators as a positive step, they are reserving their position as to Read More

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